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The Grand Proclamation – The Freemasons Association Dinner

I wish most of us were able to attend the Grand Proclamation and the Freemasons Association dinner which were fantastic…

Having the ladies within the Lodge was rather interesting.. I know Mary was giggling when Grand honours were given to the GM, AGM and DGM.

The dinner was great and my thanks goes out to Wally and Garry and the committee of the Freemasons Association. The evening raised $40k.

Christian B… very well done on the mic as MC Bro.. I was waiting for you to start rapping at one stage, but alas, you remained the consummate professional! J

There are so many things to describe about the night… Let’s start with the food – don’t act surprised!

Salmon on avocado stuffed cucumber with a mint sauce… Pretty decent if you ask me (waving my SMC’s No.1 flag). Rating – 7-10

The main was a rib eye on a bed of vegies.. It’s always going to be tough getting 300+ steaks cooked properly and whilst it was a good effort, it wasn’t their best effort. Rating – 5-10

The dessert on the other hand was fantastic!!! Vanilla and Mango gelato with marscopan. Brilliant! The best dessert I have had in Sydney for a long while.. That is a big call – but hey, if it was crap, I would have said so! Rating – 9.5 – 10

I do think we dropped the ball with the drinks though… We should have made the beer selection better than VB, Hahn Lite and Tooheys Old. SMC – at least get Tooheys Extra Dry or Tooheys New on the menu – VB is shocking!

Just before the entree’s came out, we had a lovely display of salsa dancing by 2 couples and a group! The effortless and careless display for the welfare of the female partners was fantastic! I saw one young girl get thrown 3m along the ground – this was part of the routine! LOVED IT!

We had the new Snr Grand Warden, Peter Read and his wife selected along with Lodge Southern Cross’ own Octavian Tescaru and a lovely 50+ year old lady and another couple, being taught how to do the lambada! Okkie, I was in absolute hysterics when you were practising your manoeuvres.. I almost cried from laughter when she walked around you and checked you out, looking you up and down and caressing your leg! OMG!!!! Did your Mrs lose it??!

Peter Read showed us that a year of carrying the DC’s baton had him working out… He picked up his wife as if he was doing squat thrusts!! Brilliant!!

Mary and I were thrown into the firing line also, after a small bit of confusion when Nathan Portelli was selected as her partner – and after I raised my pimp hand to show I was way strong; this error was clarified and Mary and I burnt up the dance floor.

Between entree and main, there was a talk by a guy who worked for the AFP and was involved in the response team after the Tsunamis in 2005.. a brilliant speaker, who really helped us understand why we needed the GM’s Disaster Relief fund.. he drove home the point that if we were to respond, we needed to be there to assist long term, not here today, gone tomorrow.

The salsa team then came back out with some more hip grinding, underwear showing, woman throwing entertainment.. A team of 3 young ladies, scantily clad in gold thongs and bras, were dancing the samba – I have many photos of this which you will be able to view on my facebook by tomorrow.

We had some fantastic music played by our organ/dj/music extraordinaire.. Whilst I don’t remember his name, I know he speaks and sings in 6-7 different languages.. Brilliant! The mix of English, Italian, Greek, Arabic and Hebrew songs played were excellent. The dance floor was awash with a smorgasbord of men and women of all age brackets.

Whilst all this action was going on, there was a team of volunteers selling raffle tickets and stacks of people making silent bids for the numerous amount of prizes that were on show.

We had Shad Hassen, our real estate salesman extraordinaire show us why he is running the most successful real estate company in the Eastern Suburbs, with 2 live auctions. One for a painting of the visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon, and equally as amazing, a signed and framed Canterbury Bulldogs Jersey.

A big thanks goes out to Hazem El Masri for making a trip into the city after starring in a winning game against the Canberra Raiders an hour or so earlier.


The night was amazing. It was void of all the usual speeches. There was music, laughter and just a high level of excitement throughout the room. As a relatively young Mason, I have had mixed thoughts about the future of Freemasonry. Whilst I know we can all quarrel over the way things are run, we need to be out in support when these kinds of events occur.

It is my understanding that there will be a “Summer Ball” which looks like it will be held at the Sydney Convention Centre in the lead up to Christmas. I’d encourage every Brother on this list to make a commitment to attend.

If Freemasonry is a fraternity and the times where we can fraternize with our Brothers are limited, why would we not want to be present for events that showcase how great we are to the wider community.

A big shout out to all who made the night so great.


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