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The Relay for Life – Captains Report

It is with great pride that I write to you to say that the Relay for Life was not only a success for The Cancer Council, but a massive
success for us as Freemasons.

So far, we have raised $2100, however after our push on the day, some lovely tutu prancing by Brother Bill Billingsley, our BBQ and pancake
stall and just a general push by the team as a whole will see us get closer to the $5k mark.

Big thanks to all those who supported us by donating $$$ or their time.

Special mention to the President of the Freemasons Association,  Brother Wally Mehanna and his wife for stopping past with some
munchies at 1:30am (especially after attending a GL function in Balmain and a fundraiser in the city!)

Thanks also to the GM , Most Worshipful Brother Greg Levenston and Judith for popping over in the morning complete with jogging gear to
support the team. It was great to see the appreciation and encouragement from him.

When approached about this, I thought it would be great to get a few Brothers walking around and having a laugh. The result was better than
what I imagined. This in turn raises the bar for next year, so I think it was great that Bill brought along a statue of Brother Don Bradman
to watch over the BBQ during the day.

The winner of the first “Relay for Life – Freemasons man” was Brother Boris Manitius. We have started a tradition and as “young” Masons,
lets ensure that all future generations get involved and show their Masonic pride whilst supporting a great charity.

Much man love to the guys on the team, Bill Billingsley, Nick Agafonoff, Cory Deakin, Aladdin Hassen, Lauri Liskowski, Boris
Manitius, Stephen Marriott, Nick Nelson, Tom Nott, Darren Allatt, Justin Tordean, Shane Youssef, Luke Bartlett and Dimantha Goonasekera.

I am so grateful for your time, dedication and spirit. Some camped through the cold of the night, others didn’t sleep. We laughed so much
and shared many stories all in the fight against this deadly disease!

I can’t wait to do this again next year, bigger and better.

If we are talking numbers, this is the breakdown..

1 bell laden pink tutu
9 bottles of pancake mix
10 litres of gas (for the bbq)
15 Masons
24 hours
25 kg of meat cooked
40 teams
150+ walkers
$5000 raised by us
$75000 raised for the cause

Thanks again to you all…

Much love,

Mark “BBQ King” Mansour


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