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Communication – Membership and things in between…

My Brothers,

I like to think of myself of a black and white communicator. Things are or they aren’t. I’m a firm Believer that transparency in communication is key to ensure relationships thrive.

On Saturday, I attended a lodge and invited a brother with whom I’ve witnessed his initiation and passing. This brother has not been at lodge for
6 months and has only stayed in touch with one person from the lodge.  Neither the Master, or any of the officers including membership officer had been in touch.

This Brother had accepted a promotion that involved him switching to shift work, which redoubtably affected his ability to attend Lodge. He has tried to touch base with little success…

When we talk about membership, most people don’t realize that this falls into many other areas… IT, marketing, ritual, the South, fraternity,
mateship, communication!

This man has stayed a Mason as he sees there is value… However, I ask you to think about the number of brothers we will lose because they have no contact from other members of the Lodge? No-one that they feel they can truly connect with.

I read an email from a brother recently who said that most people aren’t aware of his personal situation; which got me thinking… “Brotherhood means different things to us all.”

To me, Brotherhood is very important. I’ve got a terrible relationship with my brother. He is a drug addict that has defrauded me of thousands of
dollars, tarnished mine and the family name in the community, whilst creating friction in the family and making life hell for my parents.

Why do I say this on a public forum… My brothers, before joining freemasonry, the idea of brotherhood was long lost to me. I was admitted
into Freemasonry in darkness having to place my trust in someone I barely knew. Trusting someone was so damn hard to do… The only person I trusted was Mary… At times it felt like I didn’t trust myself. So, being in a state of darkness was so tough… I had to be passive and not on the front
foot or defensive as I’ve felt like I had to be in all other aspects of my life.

This is the reason that being a Mason is huge for me… I now have Brothers that I trust as much as my better half. Brethren that I know will be there for me in my darkest moments. Brothers that truly care about my health (physical and mental) and general well being.

My brothers, every brother has a story, and the Craft is unique because it moulds itself to the individual. However, if we are unable to guide our
newer members, as we would our own blood in their day to day lives, what good is the reference to brotherhood in our Fraternity?

I ask you all to keep your lines of communication transparent with all members… Stay in touch with all your brothers and try to get to know them outside of Lodge. Being a Freemason isn’t just 4 hours a month… or when you are in a Lodge room. We are Freemasons every second, of every minute, of every hour in the day.

Brethren, by staying in touch with this brother and getting him to Lodge, he has met a brother that actively visits and happens to live 100m from his front door!

It is said that “Visiting is the life blood of Freemasonry!”, however, I disagree. Communication is the key to life. If we are unable to speak to
someone who we say “meets us on the level”, or is a Brother, then what is the point of being a Freemason???

The next time you are at Lodge, whether it be your own, or when visiting, seek out the person you would never associate with and sit with him. Join him in the South. Talk to him. This person could reveal things to you about yourself that you would never know.

I hope you are all having an awesome week so far and look forward to seeing you all out and about.



One response

  1. Garry

    Wow! You have nailed it! Well spoken, and about time, that some one highlights this subject.
    My respect to you.


    Garry (aka Grasshopper)

    October 29, 2010 at 6:19 pm

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