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Veiled in Allegory

My Brothers,

Freemasonry is described as being “veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols,” but I ask the question, why is it that when we deal with one another, that our comments seem more vague than direct? Why are our conversations veiled in allegory?

During my involvement with Freemasonry, I have asked many questions of both younger and senior Masons, and I find it increasingly upsetting, and entertaining, watching the answers formulate in response, specifically from our more esteemed senior Masons.

I ask the question, “Why did you join the Craft?” Write down your answer to this question.

Now ask yourself, “What do I hope to achieve in Masonry over the next 5 years?” Write down the answer.

Finally, ask yourself, “Why am I still a Mason?” I think that the answers will shock all of us.

Freemasonry is a wonderful thing. The ceremonies we go through within the Lodge room are amazing, however once you enter the world of Lodge management, or 2020, or being to converse with senior Masons, everything becomes cloudy.

To all my Brothers in this wonderful Craft, I ask you for the following. Look at the questions above, reflect on your answers, see how your thoughts of the Craft have changed since you began your journey as an EAF and most of all try to get back on track.

Be direct in your conversations. Remember that we are all Brothers and that we should all look out for one another. Be mates, be honest…




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