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Thoughts in Lebanon 2

My brothers,

I’ve spent the majority of today in Zahle, a small village which seems like a combination of punchbowl and cabramatta malls, running around looking for shoes, clothes and jewelry to buy.

I spent the night with my uncles friends talking about Religion and politics, and then the topic of Zionism and ultimately, Freemasonry!

Not being the best at speaking Arabic, it was tougher than normal trying to explain the massive misconceptions about the Craft, however, I’d like to think I did well. I find it hilarious how an organisation that has such a little presence in a country can still have negative connotations about it.

I then start to think about Freemasonry on a global level and how we could best utilize the skills and experience of all the Crafts members to assist society as a whole.

Conspiracy theorists may jump on this and say that I am implying world domination, however it is quite the contrary… I think that if we work together, we can make wonderful things happen.

The best way to do this would be something like what is listed below.

  • Establish a leadership team in your Lodge.
  • Work together to build your community in your Lodge.
  • Try to transcend what you have successfully implemented in your lodge in your district.
  • When your district is strong, use what has been implemented at a regional level…
  • You have now created a solid track record.

Think big, start small.

Maybe if we were to use this model more with our interaction with the wider community, the negative connotations that exist at present would cease.

All it takes is one good idea… Look at Google, Facebook, Microsoft. One good idea.

Work with your team to implement your strategy and great things may come of it.


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