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Thoughts in Lebanon

My brothers,

I write this from the garden of my cousins uncles house… I have the setting sun shining in my eyes through the clouds, its rays reflecting off the snow covered mountain tops. Behind me, I have an empty sand bed, which stretches up to another set of mountains, running adjacent to a church, a cemetery, a number of villages and up to the beautiful mountain.The sand bed is full of sandstones, and a heap of litter lies among it. This is winter time in Raas Baalbak. A tiny village 2.5 hours north west of Beirut.

The community in this village is a mix of Christians and Muslims. It is a pretty quiet place, people tend to stick to themselves, but they are all part of the same community, they are proud to live here, proud to say where they are from, and assist others within it in times of need.

I hear the sounds of nails being driven into timber, as this community works on the formwork to build a bridge, which will connect both sides of the town together when summer arrives and melts the snow from the mountains, which runs down along the sand bed and through this town.

My brothers, the builders of the bridge and the unification of this town in an country that is divided, reminds me of our community…

Just as seasons change, do we welcome new Brothers to our community, and we, being of all ages, races and creeds accept one another because of the moral worth of a Freemason, working together, to build a bigger and better future for us all.


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