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Random thoughts on life and death…

Hi All,

On my days over the last few weeks, I have been doing a little exercise, walking from Coogee to 
Tamarama/Bondi (depending on how I was feeling and the plans for the rest of my day, interviews I was 
attending etc)...

Today, I decided to walk through the cemetery that overlooks the ocean along the coastal walk. 
Probably one of the weirder things I have done in recent times, but, after watching a news report a 
couple of months back about the people in history that are now resting in eternal peace within this 
place, I thought that no harm could come of taking a brisk walk through.

It was interesting seeing a number of graves marked with IOOF (International Order of Odd Fellows),
and as I continued to walk through, I noticed a number of graves marked with the Square and Compass.
This got me thinking about life and death again... The memories of those nearest and dearest who are 
no longer physically present came rushing back to my mind. I thought about what it would have been 
like to be in their shoes... Did they know that their time was almost up? Did they achieve all they 
wanted to? What would their final requests have been? What would they have done if they had one more 
day to live?

I consider myself a pretty organised person and a doer. If I were to perish tomorrow, I would want 
to ensure that those around me had the support to be able to move forward with their lives without 
too much headache.

As a result, for the first time, I've decided to put together a will. At such a young age, I can't 
believe the thought is crossing my mind, however, considering that we are all mortal, I think it makes
perfect sense.

I've given myself 2 weeks to get this put together. I want to have the primary thought of my mind to 
be that life is short, and it is worth living.

If this is something you haven't done, I'd strongly recommend it!
Here are a couple of the tomb stones I came across...

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