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Riots in London…

I feel like I’ve been hidden under a rock for the last few days. The freefall of the Aussie dollar, a busy work, life and Masonic schedule, along with training and a number of other factors have kept me away from looking at the “riots” that have occured in London as of late.

I wanted to first, wish all my friends, family and Brethren, along with all the innocent bystanders all the best with coping in such an ugly situation.

I’ve watched a number of YouTube videos with clips of the looters setting fire to innocent businesses and ultimately wreaking havoc across the country.

These criminals are not protesting peacefully! They are making a mockery of the freedoms and liberties they are given. The police seem to be stretched to their limits.

I would love to see a case of Police Academy 1 – C.O.P. – Citizens on Patrol

People power. The innocent victims of these youths that are looting and rioting should combine, and retaliate. The thugs will lose to real people power!

I generally would try to use an analogy and reflect on a way to live your life in peace, however, if for some reason this happened in Sydney, I would assemble the largest group of FREE men to unite and fight the stupidity, selfishness, greed and agony that the few are unleashing upon the many.

Food for thought?


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