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Sydney’s shocking girl gangs brawl it out on video

I saw this in the paper today and laughed… . This wasn’t a laugh of excitement, or joy, but utter shock. This is the future of our society!

I remember being in high school and staying away from the violence. I remember seeing guys chased down the streets with machetes, hearing about fights being organised, and seeing people I would have called friends getting seriously hurt or injured as part of this.

Back then it was about Gang Pride, wearing a colour or being of a certain ethnicity and having issues with other ethnicities. It felt like it was always between the Asian or Middle Eastern groups. This evolved to also include the Islanders (Tongans/Kiwis/Samoans).

None of this ever impacted me directly, although the things I saw and stories I heard still stick with me to this day.

The interesting thing that I remember is that the violence never involved females!

Watching this video made me sick to my stomach. The girls being photographed look ridiculous. I’d have loved to be at the photo shoot to hear the advice that was being given. These girls think that they are on the streets of South Central LA.

These girls have fights to join a gang. What the hell is the point of joining a gang? Get your ass to school and study. Being part of a bunch of girls who beat up other girls as part of an initiation rite is ludicrous. How does this serve to benefit you? What’s it going to take for you idiots to wake up?

This stuff seems to be running rampant in the streets of Inner Western Sydney, along with the Western Suburbs. Wasn’t it but 18 months ago when 2 girls under the age of 18 bashed and (if I remember correctly) killed a taxi driver? WTF!?!?

I’ve seen people like this before. I’ve had mates who are 2Pac wannabes in public, then attend church on a Sunday with their family and act all innocent. I’d love to see if these girls do the same. What would their Parish Priest say? Actually, let’s get the Religious aspect out of this, what the hell do the schools have to say about this?

There was a teacher ranking system that was in the news 6 to 12 months back that allowed students to rate their teachers. I’m surprised that there isn’t a Board of Education database that tracks the marks and infringements of all the students. This information could be used for multiple purposes. By Mental Health specialists to research what is going on with the kids of today. Has mobile phone radiation made the youth more angry? To the police to map out underage crime – and track or monitor suspected future problem adults. There are probably heaps more but I am coming down off a beer infused BBQ high and my innovation has decided to take the rest of the night off.

Regardless, the crux of the matter is that this crap does not belong in society. It shouldn’t be glorified in the news. These girls should be put in handcuffs and taken to a female prison with the craziest bitches you can think of and scared into reality! Do the same thing for all the gangsta guys who get caught for “petty crime” and let off with a warning.

Are the kids of today bored? Has so much changed since I left school? Damn I feel old!

Sometimes I think, just bring back the cane (although I never had it in school and would have threatened violence on anyone who tried to discipline me in that manner).

Does this go back to the parents? Do they even know?

Doubt my post will do anything to change what is going on, but a nice rant always makes me feel better!

Ciao for now.


I do hope that one day, these girls will look back on their extreme stupidity with some sense of horror or disgust (and hopefully a huge amount of regret!)


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