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Women of the world, WAKE UP!

I recently tried to set a girl a work up with a long time mate of mine. I get along with both like a house on fire, and think that they will click.

He is tall, dark and handsome, she is blonde, green eyes with an hourglass figure.

Sounds like the beginning of a romance novel right?

Well, wrong!

Seems like I made a cardinal mistake by not allowing things to happen naturally. In the heat of the moment, I showed a not so flattering picture of my mate to the woman from work. No nudity, just one of him exhaling smoke from a Hubbly Bubbly (Argeeleh – the Middle Eastern smoke that resembles a large bong!)

This picture was ridiculed. The guy was wearing a baggy jumper, which was crumpled… “He has a gut!” was the reaction. The picture passed around the team and all the ladies laughing.

This is the first time that I have experienced this kind of behavior. I know that women especially women in groups, turn into cats, but disrespecting a good mate of mine is just plain rude.

Women who see themselves as a 10/10 need to wake up. Guys will tend to only see you as a 7! Your 5hit does stink.

Women complain that there are no good guys out there, but when presented with a great opportunity, ridicule and completely rule out.

So you understand, I showed pictures of the lady to my mate. He viewed the pictures, smiled, said she was very pretty, and asked about her personality, is she fun and whether I thought they would get along. I know right, he sounds like a total pig!

Ladies of the world, WAKE UP! You are all looking for Mr. Right, and expecting Brad Pitt, but you are a world away from being an Angelina Jolie! Don’t listen to the bitchiness of other women. Take a chance, put yourself out there, and you may find true love! Ridicule someone after viewing a picture and risk being alone forever.



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