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Labels do not matter!

Not sure if I am the only one feeling this, but there is a feeling of disharmony in the Craft. I don’t know what the cause of it is… Especially since in the last 4 months there have been some fantastic things happening. Movember was awesome, and we raised a heap of cash.
Then we had the Pink Ribbon Ride where we were represented by our Masons on Bikes with pink vests.
There was the event up near Newcastle which had the Square and Compass flying high, and there will be another beach side event this Sunday where our symbols will be shining bright again!
Also, by the end of this month, we will have been represented at UNSW O-Week and USyd O-Week.
We are also fortunate to have a number of inspiring, forward thinking Freemasons that have put their hands up to lead their Lodge for the next year, along with some experienced, forward thinking Masons stepping up and acting as mentors to many younger Masons, and we seem to have a number of candidates knocking on our doors seeking to be brought to light.
If all seems to be going so well, why is there this feeling in the air?
I was speaking with a good friend and Brother the other day and he summed up Freemasonry to me nice and simple.
“Freemasonry is perfect! It’s the members that ruin it.”
I bring this up because I tend to compare my experience with Lodge, to my time at work. At work, I have fun. I laugh, I crack my own whip, I work with my team and I deliver results. My work is recognised and I feel appreciated.
When I attend Lodge (mine of visited others), I’ve felt stressed, anxious, and paranoid. I work hard, yet hear that “My Brothers” talk behind my back, I don’t seek the recognition, and mostly, it isn’t offered.
When I am working with different Brethren on Masonic related projects, we are results driven. We work together in harmony, we listen to one another, we counsel one another, we support one another and build on ideas together as a team.
As Freemasons, we should never discuss religion or politics in the Lodge room, but this does not stop us from being an organisation that would have K-Rudd running scared because of some of the underhandedness of its members.
My Brothers,
As a Master Mason, as a Brother, I ask you all to work together, in harmony, to put aside the BS, for the benefit of our Perfect organisation.
Backstabbing, lying, deception should not be tolerated. If there is a Brother that you don’t see eye to eye with, why not spend 5 minutes having a chat to let that Brother know there is an issue. Don’t talk about them behind there back.
We need to unite. We have a banner, but we divide ourselves. We label ourselves. The thing I see wrong in society these days is that everyone wants to have a label. Gay, bi, straight, skinny, fat, tall… Why do we pull ourselves apart with labels. Lodge, District, Region, Grand Lodge, 2020, STEP!
WE ARE ALL FREEMASONS. This is a Brotherhood of Men.
Let’s act like men and leave the gossiping for girls at high school.
Real men wear Aprons… Not skirts!

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