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An interesting article by the #ITCRA CEO as to why IT Recruiters are important…
Not a bad read…

According to a recently released report A snapshot of Australia’s digital future to 2050 by key analyst Phil Ruthven, commissioned by IBM, Australia’s ICT industry is predicted to grow from a $131 billion sector currently to about $1 trillion by 2050, demonstrating the importance of ICT to the economic and social wellbeing of today’s young people.

Commenting on the report, Penny Coulter, Chair of the National ICT Careers Week Steering Committee and Honorary Member of ITCRA said “this report underlines the importance of encouraging young people to study and work in ICT. Today, the Australian ICT industry employs more people than the mining and resource industry, and this report indicates that position is unlikely to change.”

“Given this rapid growth, the prognosis laid out in the report clearly anticipates a very strong demand for ICT workers to fill new kinds of ICT jobs,” said Ms Coulter. “The type and variety…

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