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Another interesting article on how to encourage women into the wonderful land of IT!
#EEO #Diversity

An interesting piece of research crossed my desk a while ago and as always the headline did the trick – At least one woman should be interviewed for every IT job opening, advocacy group says.

This research is from a not-for-profit group advocating there should be more women working in information technology in the USA. The research says that recruiters for high-tech jobs should make sure there is at least one woman candidate for every IT job opening. Solutions to Recruit Technical Women is published by the California-based Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, and the authors say this kind of extra effort by recruiters, who often look to universities for candidates, will raise the chances that the high-tech industry will see growing numbers of female technical specialists and managers.

While I shudder to think that we are, after many years of active encouragement for gender equality, still…

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