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Election season is here… I can’t wait for it to be over!!!

If you’re an everyday, run of the mill individual like myself, then you would have noticed the significant increase in “Junk Mail” into your mailbox at home or business. “Why yes!” you may be exclaiming to yourself right about now, I wonder why Dominos keep sending me the same discount coupons, and why for some unknown reason, JB Hi-Fi always seem to have a sale on.

No, these aren’t the mail items I speak of…. I talk about the endless stream of Labor, Liberal and Greens hard copy mail that you and I have been receiving for the past 6 weeks!

I wish I had kept this massive stack of repetitive rubbish that each candidate sends to me… I would have loved to take a photo of it all, maybe blended them with some juice and ice, and force fed it to each candidate.

I don’t understand how each of these parties can talk about having a “Green” policy, and then mass produce countless amounts of junk and sending it to me, week on week! Why wouldn’t you email me? If you have my home address (which only a handful of my friends and family have access to), then surely you could get access to my email which is all over my social and professional media profiles?

At least if you emailed me, I could hit the SPAM button and no longer receive your messages… or choose to unsubscribe from your list… However we are in the digital age, and “Ain’t Nobody got time for dat” hardcopy mail that comes into my mailbox.

In actual fact, you would have a higher probability of me reading your dribble if you sent it in digital format than sending it in the physical form.

I do, however, want to deviate from this rant to ask “Why do people who walk around and put junk mail in my mail box never pay attention to the NO JUNK MAIL sign on my mailbox!?!? WHY!!!???”

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Back to my topic…

Please…. Please…. PLEASE!!! STOP sending me your political fear mongering in an attempt to get me to vote for you…
Oh and PLEASE tell me… What’s with the street signs?!!? Seriously? Looking at all the street signs just reiterates to me who I won’t vote for. And trying to camouflage your political party by trying to blend the logo into the background isn’t working either…

The election is 3 days away… I can’t wait for it to be over!

End Rant!


One response

  1. What really gets my goat (“goat”, not “vote”) is that most of these front line pollies think most Australians are gullible enough to believe everything they say. WE DON’T !!

    “NO” you damn politician, NO, we are not that stupid, we do have brains, we are educated and we can see right through your smoke and mirrors.

    So stop wasting our time with lies, and earn your votes honestly for a change.

    I’m still 50:50 whether to NOT vote for Abbott, or NOT vote for Rudd.

    The election will solve very little, but it will sharpen our enthusiasm for a nice cold beer.

    Now is the time to buy shares in a Brewery.



    September 4, 2013 at 9:23 pm

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