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Oh Paris, how I love thee!

Food… glorious food! Paris how your succulent delights have taken my breath away.
Every meal is better than the last. Whether it be a baguette,  a cheese platter or a simple croissant, the food in Paris is blowing my mind!

The Escargot above was divine. The garlic and mixed basil and parsley dressing was delightful.


Steak tartare,  creamy vegetable soup, escargot and chips.
The steak tartare had a hint of mayonnaise in it, but it was ground up well. A little bit of chilli gave this dish a marvellous kick


These macarons literally melted in my mouth… full of flavour, not too sugary, crisp when you bit into it. A dessert man’s heaven.


I’m a Tirimisu connoisseur. I love it. I was expecting more marscapone in this, however there was coffee liqueur soaked spongecake within. The coffee was not old and bitter. One of the best Tirimisus I’ve had in many years.

Now all I can say is that I am ready to slip into a food coma!

Au revoir.


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