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5 in a Row, someone has to go?!?!

Unfortunately tonight’s game was a reminder of the old sales adage that you are only as good as your last win. This is not 2012. We are not in the Grand Final. We are not lighting up the field with our dominating displays of strength and athletic abilities, we are not the talk of the town when it comes to harmony, passion and loyalty.

We are 1 from 5.

Our only win has been against a terrible Parramatta Eels side, and in all fairness, we should have lost this game.

The silver lining as I’ve seen it has been that we have lost to some of the best teams in the comp, and the teams that will be in the top 8 come finals time.

  • Melbourne Storm
  • North Queensland Cowboys
  • Manly Sea Eagles
  • South Sydney Rabbitohs

These games were always close on paper. Our attack was weak, and our defence kept us in the game.

However tonight, it didn’t, and now we add the Sydney City Roosters to the list.

Roosters SBW try

Bulldogs fans are entitled to be frustrated. Tonight’s game wasn’t close, on the field, on the board, or on paper.

Our team seems confused. Our team seems disjointed. Our team seems unhappy.

Our club plays best when our players are having fun.

Maybe it is the unique blend of injuries and suspensions that is leaving us lacking depth. Maybe it is the fact the we have many of our star players not signed to a new contract for the coming years.

I don’t know what it is, but as a passionate Bulldogs supporter, I want to see our team turn it around, the sooner the better. When our team loses, we lose.

Mr Greenberg, Des, Coaching staff, and our talented team, lets get together and work as a team. The pillars of excellence in the Centre of Excellence needs to inspire the team again. If someone isn’t abiding by them, they should learn to embrace them.

Your fans want… nay, need results. We are here to help! Tell us what we can do.


Friday Night Smackdown in the NRL

To all the journalists and Tv presenters out there trying to hype Friday nights game, remember this simple thing.

Friday night is not SBW vs Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs, it’s not East vs West, it’s not SBW vs the Bulldogs Army, it’s not about redemption, it’s not about anything other than a game of footy between 2 teams that are performing average in the NRL at the moment, especially given the experienced rosters they both have. It is about the Roosters VS the Bulldogs.

SBW said it best in his interview with Danny Wiedler, “There is no-one that I played with 5 years ago at the club that is still in the team!” This is a great piece of analysis from Sonny Bill, but if the guy had half a brain, he could do something that would massively reduce the feelings of hatred that will be channeled his way tomorrow night. Apologise. 2 words to the fans. “I’m sorry!”

If he was to show an ounce of humility, he would win over the masses again. Unfortunately this won’t be coming any time soon.


NSW Police should relax, the new NRL Chairman should take a chill pill, and the media outlets should just stop painting every Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs supporter as a trouble maker. We are a multicultural club, arguably the most diverse multicultural club in the NRL with some of the most passionate fans known to this great country.

Should Sonny Bill be concerned about his safety. Hell no!

SBW Memes

Will he cop a round of abuse when he gets onto the field… Without a shadow of a doubt!

Is there a possibility of trouble? Not from the Bulldogs faithful.

What you will see is the people who buy in to the hype attending the game, seeking to support their teams, and after consuming too much alcohol, these idiots will go at one another after the game.

The thing that sucks about this is that it will be the innocent supporters who attend every game that will be on the receiving end of abuse from these rowdy fans. I think back to last year when the Bulldogs played Manly at Brookvale oval, and innocent female fans in the Bulldogs army were on the receiving end of racial, physical and verbal abuse from intoxicated Manly fans. Beer cans were thrown, banners were ripped and insults were hurled.

There were no subsequent investigations from either club, NSW Police or the NRL.

None of the true fans will cause an issue.


What is a true fan you may ask? A member. If you are a true fan and want to support your club, become a member. The Bulldogs have a membership package starting from around $50, with full membership for under $300 for the season. Put your money where your mouth is. Support the financial security of your club, attend as many games as you can, engage on social media with other fans, interact with them at games. The NRL community is full of opportunities to meet new people and extend your network. All this can be done is a safe and harmonious environment.

For those of you who aren’t members and will be attending the game, prove me wrong!

T-Rex is not yet extinct!

 Tony Williams… OUR team needs you!

You are the newest addition to the Bulldogs family. You are big, you are strong! You are a state of origin player. You are an Australian Representative. You’ve played for a Manly team that has won the NRL comp and could have easily 2 of the 3 others in the last 3 years, so you have the experience.

BUT my friend, it appears that you lack the desire and the heart that being a Bulldog brings out in all who put on the magnificent Blue and White jersey. Your performance on Friday night was less than impressive.

I sit on the 50m line alongside a number of the older Bulldogs supporters. These fans bleed Blue and White. They love the club and have been there through thick and thin. My favourite are the mum and daughter aged in their 80’s and 50’s respectively, that attend every home game together to cheer on our team. The ladies loved big Barry Ward, they loved Darren Britt, they loved Solo Haumono, they loved Steve Price, Andrew “Bobcat” Ryan and they love the big bustling brothers Frank the tank and Sammy Kasiano. When your name was mentioned last year as the new addition to the pack, people were overjoyed as we thought that your experience would assist in beefing up our pack, and you could mentor the younger guys coming through.

I’m sure that with recent media reports stating that your representative career is on the line as a result of your less than stellar Club performances wouldn’t help your self esteem, I hope it is the kick up the backside that you need. Your performance to date is far from what we as fans expected.

On the field you look lost. My guess is that something is going wrong for you off the field. If this is the case, my advice would be to sit out of the team for 2 weeks and play in reserve grade. Attend the games and sit with the Bulldogs Army. Come sit with my wife and I on Friday night against the Roosters, visit the best innovation in Australian Sports Social Media Interaction in the Dogbox and see how passionate the Bulldogs supporters are.

We all bleed blue and white, and we all want the best for the club. If you are uncertain of your future with us, don’t be afraid. Take a step back, interact with the fans, understand the club culture and realise that every time a ball is passed to you, that you should be running to catch it at 100km p/hr and that every proud fan is right behind you.

I said this earlier, you are big and strong, and if you were to run onto the ball at full pace, no-one could stop you. Remove the self-doubt from your mind. We believe in you, even if you don’t believe in yourself!

trex meme