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Oh Paris, how I love thee!

Food… glorious food! Paris how your succulent delights have taken my breath away.
Every meal is better than the last. Whether it be a baguette,  a cheese platter or a simple croissant, the food in Paris is blowing my mind!

The Escargot above was divine. The garlic and mixed basil and parsley dressing was delightful.


Steak tartare,  creamy vegetable soup, escargot and chips.
The steak tartare had a hint of mayonnaise in it, but it was ground up well. A little bit of chilli gave this dish a marvellous kick


These macarons literally melted in my mouth… full of flavour, not too sugary, crisp when you bit into it. A dessert man’s heaven.


I’m a Tirimisu connoisseur. I love it. I was expecting more marscapone in this, however there was coffee liqueur soaked spongecake within. The coffee was not old and bitter. One of the best Tirimisus I’ve had in many years.

Now all I can say is that I am ready to slip into a food coma!

Au revoir.

Arriving too early… for an interview – Not a good idea!

I love LinkedIn, although the ability to keep track of the continuous stream of information is pretty tough.

This afternoon whilst perusing the updates from my network, I noticed an agency recruiter post an update about candidates arriving too early for an interview – so for the benefit of my network, I’ll provide some guidance on this.

Arriving too early to an interview is as detrimental as arriving late. Best time to arrive in reception is 5 minutes before your interview. If you arrive by car (or public transport) early to your interview, don’t rock up to reception with plenty of time to spare, go to a cafe, or go for a brisk stroll, or stay in your car singing (actually, only do this if you park a few blocks away… actually, don’t do this, you might lose your voice!)

I like to compare the recruitment process to dating…

An interview is like a first date, so it might be worth considering the following:-


• Dress to impress
• Keep your answers clear and succinct
• Keep your language as positive as possible. Negativity is frowned upon.
• Firm handshakes – not the floppy fish.
• Have questions about the team you may join handy

Do not

• Flirt (yes this works for both sexes, and it does happen!!!)
• Don’t speak ill of your current employer
• Smoke a cigarette before the interview… outside the door of the office. You will smell like cigarettes! Not good! Actually, make sure your breath doesn’t smell, you have sprayed some deodorant (or used some form of deodorant) and (maybe) a little dab of cologne or perfume.
• It’s not a stand up comedy routine, you can have a laugh, but keep it professional! (I’m guilty of this!)

However, back to my initial reason for this post, don’t come too soon, or your thoughts of making your permanent arrival at your potential employer may never happen!

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Agency Recruiters are all bad people! (or so would have you believe!)

Every now and again I make the mistake of jumping onto the News for Dummies website and I couldn’t help but see, amongst the picture of celebrities coming out of rehab, celebrities dating other celebrities, and new movies out at the cinema a post that caught me eye.

Former recruitment agent spills details on what really goes on in the industry

Now whilst I have personally experienced some of the things that this individual mentions, one could argue that this is all hearsay, as the person who was interviewed decided to remain anonymous. Then you could get into the finer points of his allegations, such as:-

Working on 5 jobs – In my first 3 months as a recruiter, I was working at least 15 jobs at any given point in time. When I was more experienced, I could have up to 30, with different organisations, however they were all in a vertical market, so if you messed around your candidates, you would not have any success!
Charging on Car Allowances – This is something I never did as an agent, I could, but I didn’t. This is dependant upon the T’s and C’s that you have with your client.
The amount of emails he didn’t respond to and just deleted – This proves this recruiter is lazy. And probably recruited grads, or testers (sorry Testing peepz, but there are so many Testers in the market, become Niche and you will always have work – stay generic, and you will compete for every job with 200+ other candidates)
Pumping you for info – #Sales101 As a candidate, you can always say, “I don’t feel comfortable telling you this info”

I want to ask what the point of writing such an article is? What is there to gain? If this article was a simple blog post, they may have been able to get away with writing something that slanders an entire industry sector, and brings the reputations of the many Staffing and Recruitment professionals into question.
Austin Powers Meme - Copy
There are also no suggestions of how this could be improved by the journalist Victoria Craw.

What I’d recommend to not only Victoria, but to the other journalists at News.Com.Au, is to look at this pearler of a piece by BRW

Why is this credible?
1. Big picture of a reputable recruiter (he is talking about his experience with nothing to hide!)
2. Provides examples of ways that corporates are working to change this perception ie Atlassian
3. They post a link to a Whirlpool forum that is almost point by point, exactly the same as this article, however, with no name, this post has no credibility, even if points raised could be correct.

Now I’ve just re-read what I have written, and I do feel bad, as I think it may come across that I am hammering Victoria… My intention is to get Journalists writing on fact, so our media does not end up like The Daily Mail, the New York Times, or The Washington post with political rumours, fear-mongering and a general lack of substance, and to keep the reputation of the industry I am member of intact.

You may still be wondering, what are the ways that the recruitment world and refine itself? Well, in the last 3 years there have been huge changes in the ethics of recruiters, it could be driven by the GFC, when 457-recruiters went back home, or by the increase of membership in ITCRA and RCSA, or it could be the increased utilisation from the business of internal sourcing and recruitment teams who know how to negotiate with their peers.

Happy to engage in conversation with Victoria, other journalists, peers and candidates on this topic.

Quick link here to another one of my peers, Scott Brown, for his take on this.

Google Glass – I’m excited!!!

I got a chance to have a play with Google Glass yesterday… and it was pretty funky!Image

In recent times I’ve been hesitant about the level of social engagement I’ve been putting out to the Matrix, what with all the NSA spying/Snowden leaks/Wikileaks etc etc etc, but using Google Glass got me to thinking about how much I really don’t care.

One could argue that having a set of semi-glasses with a camera attached to it is over the top (but 3 months ago, so was the idea of having a wrist watch the connects to your phone, right?!?!)

But what can you do with it? Well you can read other blogs for that…

What did I do with it? I recorded Will Staney dancing, took a few group photos, and fantasized about being Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2… “Come with me if you want to live!”

Is this gadget essential? No… Is it cool? Yes. Will every person who bought a smartwatch want to have this amongst their “really cool toys collection? HELL YES! Will I purchase one, pretty sure I will.

I wanted to end this post by being all philosophical and intellectual, however the best way I thought is simple…

Dammit! #1stworldproblems 

#SOSUAU – An experience so far – your social picture

I had someone call out to me at the #sosuau

“Hey Mark”
“Hey mate” I replied.
“You look just like your picture pn twitter and linkedin.” He said next.

This got me thinking, do you use professional photographer shots on your professional or social media profiles? Would someone be able to recognise you in the crowd?

If a part of social and business networking is about your ability to form long lasting relationships or impressions on your network,  why would we have images that are not accurate representations of ourselves on our profiles?

Food for thought?

Shoutout to Mark Reilly for spurring me to continue blogging.

Election season is here… I can’t wait for it to be over!!!

If you’re an everyday, run of the mill individual like myself, then you would have noticed the significant increase in “Junk Mail” into your mailbox at home or business. “Why yes!” you may be exclaiming to yourself right about now, I wonder why Dominos keep sending me the same discount coupons, and why for some unknown reason, JB Hi-Fi always seem to have a sale on.

No, these aren’t the mail items I speak of…. I talk about the endless stream of Labor, Liberal and Greens hard copy mail that you and I have been receiving for the past 6 weeks!

I wish I had kept this massive stack of repetitive rubbish that each candidate sends to me… I would have loved to take a photo of it all, maybe blended them with some juice and ice, and force fed it to each candidate.

I don’t understand how each of these parties can talk about having a “Green” policy, and then mass produce countless amounts of junk and sending it to me, week on week! Why wouldn’t you email me? If you have my home address (which only a handful of my friends and family have access to), then surely you could get access to my email which is all over my social and professional media profiles?

At least if you emailed me, I could hit the SPAM button and no longer receive your messages… or choose to unsubscribe from your list… However we are in the digital age, and “Ain’t Nobody got time for dat” hardcopy mail that comes into my mailbox.

In actual fact, you would have a higher probability of me reading your dribble if you sent it in digital format than sending it in the physical form.

I do, however, want to deviate from this rant to ask “Why do people who walk around and put junk mail in my mail box never pay attention to the NO JUNK MAIL sign on my mailbox!?!? WHY!!!???”

ZomboDroid28082013065036 (1)
Back to my topic…

Please…. Please…. PLEASE!!! STOP sending me your political fear mongering in an attempt to get me to vote for you…
Oh and PLEASE tell me… What’s with the street signs?!!? Seriously? Looking at all the street signs just reiterates to me who I won’t vote for. And trying to camouflage your political party by trying to blend the logo into the background isn’t working either…

The election is 3 days away… I can’t wait for it to be over!

End Rant!

Hanging with the @ninefold crew

This team is the definition of new age technology geeks. Gone are the Bill Gates style of haircuts and thick glasses, in are the designer jeans, geeked out teez, well manicured facial hair and outgoing wit and personalities.

Ninefold consists of a cool bunch of people that I’d sit down and share a few beers with… and!!! They are going to be hiring 2 cloud system engineers and a couple of ruby devs.
Happy to put you in touch if you would be keen to find out more.
Happy Friday!!!





Hanging with the @ninefold crew

This team is the definition of new age technology geeks. Gone are the Bill Gates style of haircuts and thick glasses, in are the designer jeans, geeked out teez, well manicured facial hair and outgoing wit and personalities.

Ninefold consists of a cool bunch of people that I’d sit down and share a few beers with… and!!! They are going to be hiring 2 cloud system engineers and a couple of ruby devs.
Happy to put you in touch if you would be keen to find out more.
Happy Friday!!!





5 in a Row, someone has to go?!?!

Unfortunately tonight’s game was a reminder of the old sales adage that you are only as good as your last win. This is not 2012. We are not in the Grand Final. We are not lighting up the field with our dominating displays of strength and athletic abilities, we are not the talk of the town when it comes to harmony, passion and loyalty.

We are 1 from 5.

Our only win has been against a terrible Parramatta Eels side, and in all fairness, we should have lost this game.

The silver lining as I’ve seen it has been that we have lost to some of the best teams in the comp, and the teams that will be in the top 8 come finals time.

  • Melbourne Storm
  • North Queensland Cowboys
  • Manly Sea Eagles
  • South Sydney Rabbitohs

These games were always close on paper. Our attack was weak, and our defence kept us in the game.

However tonight, it didn’t, and now we add the Sydney City Roosters to the list.

Roosters SBW try

Bulldogs fans are entitled to be frustrated. Tonight’s game wasn’t close, on the field, on the board, or on paper.

Our team seems confused. Our team seems disjointed. Our team seems unhappy.

Our club plays best when our players are having fun.

Maybe it is the unique blend of injuries and suspensions that is leaving us lacking depth. Maybe it is the fact the we have many of our star players not signed to a new contract for the coming years.

I don’t know what it is, but as a passionate Bulldogs supporter, I want to see our team turn it around, the sooner the better. When our team loses, we lose.

Mr Greenberg, Des, Coaching staff, and our talented team, lets get together and work as a team. The pillars of excellence in the Centre of Excellence needs to inspire the team again. If someone isn’t abiding by them, they should learn to embrace them.

Your fans want… nay, need results. We are here to help! Tell us what we can do.

Friday Night Smackdown in the NRL

To all the journalists and Tv presenters out there trying to hype Friday nights game, remember this simple thing.

Friday night is not SBW vs Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs, it’s not East vs West, it’s not SBW vs the Bulldogs Army, it’s not about redemption, it’s not about anything other than a game of footy between 2 teams that are performing average in the NRL at the moment, especially given the experienced rosters they both have. It is about the Roosters VS the Bulldogs.

SBW said it best in his interview with Danny Wiedler, “There is no-one that I played with 5 years ago at the club that is still in the team!” This is a great piece of analysis from Sonny Bill, but if the guy had half a brain, he could do something that would massively reduce the feelings of hatred that will be channeled his way tomorrow night. Apologise. 2 words to the fans. “I’m sorry!”

If he was to show an ounce of humility, he would win over the masses again. Unfortunately this won’t be coming any time soon.


NSW Police should relax, the new NRL Chairman should take a chill pill, and the media outlets should just stop painting every Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs supporter as a trouble maker. We are a multicultural club, arguably the most diverse multicultural club in the NRL with some of the most passionate fans known to this great country.

Should Sonny Bill be concerned about his safety. Hell no!

SBW Memes

Will he cop a round of abuse when he gets onto the field… Without a shadow of a doubt!

Is there a possibility of trouble? Not from the Bulldogs faithful.

What you will see is the people who buy in to the hype attending the game, seeking to support their teams, and after consuming too much alcohol, these idiots will go at one another after the game.

The thing that sucks about this is that it will be the innocent supporters who attend every game that will be on the receiving end of abuse from these rowdy fans. I think back to last year when the Bulldogs played Manly at Brookvale oval, and innocent female fans in the Bulldogs army were on the receiving end of racial, physical and verbal abuse from intoxicated Manly fans. Beer cans were thrown, banners were ripped and insults were hurled.

There were no subsequent investigations from either club, NSW Police or the NRL.

None of the true fans will cause an issue.


What is a true fan you may ask? A member. If you are a true fan and want to support your club, become a member. The Bulldogs have a membership package starting from around $50, with full membership for under $300 for the season. Put your money where your mouth is. Support the financial security of your club, attend as many games as you can, engage on social media with other fans, interact with them at games. The NRL community is full of opportunities to meet new people and extend your network. All this can be done is a safe and harmonious environment.

For those of you who aren’t members and will be attending the game, prove me wrong!