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Mark Mansour has worked in the Recruitment field since 2004.

After working as a Systems Administrator for a small Hosting/IT Support business, Mark decided to move into a position that allowed him to utilise his unique style of communication and fantastic personality.

As such, with no relevant experience outside of the IT and Hospitality industry, Mark applied for a position in a telco sales role. This turned out to be a door to door sales position which Mark cringed at the thought of, however the desire to succeed in all that confronts him meant that he had to pull up his sleeves and give it a go.

After a period of 6 months, many sales, and building a team of 13 people, Mark was headhunted by a competitor to work in recruitment and hire other door to door sales people.

Having no idea what recruitment was, Mark utilised the power of the internet and researched away. He must have searched the right parts of recruitment for as a result, he and the newly hired General Manager built up a team of 60 sales people, 20 telesales people and the #1 NSW based door to door company.

Seeking to gain more experience, Mark decided to leave AC&T, and found a new position with IT-Matters, an IT Recruitment company that was looking to grow its operation.

Mark was offered a Consultant role to start with, but asked to start from the bottom to learn exactly how the business runs.

Within 5 months, Mark had been promoted to a Consultant, working across the IT Infrastructure and Support arena, and was now set on making his mark on the recruitment industry.

Fast forward 3 years and Mark moved on to Greythorn, a global IT Recruitment company that had long had its name and reputation spread through the industry as one of the best. After working with some of the most solid consultants in the industry, Mark set about putting his unique stamp on recruitment at Greythorn. As a result of hard work and consistent networking, Mark became the highest performing Permanent Recruitment consultant within the team at Greythorn.

(More to come)

One response

  1. John Hannah

    That’s an inspiring account for young people who are a bit lost career-wise and don’t know where to go next. Good one Mark.

    July 4, 2011 at 12:09 am

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