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WTF are you thinking?!? What NOT to post on Social Media sites!

Wow!!! I am continually surprised, infuriated and just plain gobsmacked by the ridiculous things people post on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc etc.

Most recently, I’ve seen the body of a young baby boy, just over a year old who had recently passed away, being placed in his coffin, and prepared with family, prior to the funeral taking place. This is just unbelievable!!!

I’m not sure what would lead a person to think that posting a dead body on a social media site is a good thing to do… Or why the hell the person who posted the image would then tag the child’s mother!

Let’s not forget the people who like the image… HOW THE HECK can you like an image of a dead child! In my humble opinion, this image and many like it should be reported to Facebook or other said sites and removed. Posting a photo online of a dead body is no different to sending the picture framed and signed to the parents! It is just bad bloody taste!

On the topic of deceased people, one thing you should never do is tag someone in a post…. For example, posting something like, “Can’t believe it has been a year since @ThePersonWhoDied passed away… We miss you!” is fine. Checking yourself in to a cemetery and posting “Having a smoke with @ThePersonWhoDied” is just ridiculous, if you have done this, you should give yourself an uppercut!

Aside from the fact that it is just weird to be checking yourself into a cemetery, don’t forget that you should have respect for the dead. They are meant to be at peace. Posting something like this makes a mockery of them, and also makes you look like a fruit-loop!

The one thing that I find very sketchy when it comes to social media is cursing… Swearing! There is a fine line with what you post to social media. It depends who your friends are and which social network you use. Facebook tends to be free flowing, as you generally only add people you know to Facebook, people who you are happy to expose to your ignorance (yes this is a tongue in cheek comment!)

Twitter is the social network that you should always be mindful of. Everything you post is a representation of your brand. If you curse, you will lose followers as your message loses its power, unless you are a gangsta rapper trying to win street cred, however, I am a bit old school, and the rappers I listen to solved their problems with guns, not words on a social media site.

So… what have we learnt??? Something I hope!