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Google Glass – I’m excited!!!

I got a chance to have a play with Google Glass yesterday… and it was pretty funky!Image

In recent times I’ve been hesitant about the level of social engagement I’ve been putting out to the Matrix, what with all the NSA spying/Snowden leaks/Wikileaks etc etc etc, but using Google Glass got me to thinking about how much I really don’t care.

One could argue that having a set of semi-glasses with a camera attached to it is over the top (but 3 months ago, so was the idea of having a wrist watch the connects to your phone, right?!?!)

But what can you do with it? Well you can read other blogs for that…

What did I do with it? I recorded Will Staney dancing, took a few group photos, and fantasized about being Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2… “Come with me if you want to live!”

Is this gadget essential? No… Is it cool? Yes. Will every person who bought a smartwatch want to have this amongst their “really cool toys collection? HELL YES! Will I purchase one, pretty sure I will.

I wanted to end this post by being all philosophical and intellectual, however the best way I thought is simple…

Dammit! #1stworldproblems