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Arriving too early… for an interview – Not a good idea!

I love LinkedIn, although the ability to keep track of the continuous stream of information is pretty tough.

This afternoon whilst perusing the updates from my network, I noticed an agency recruiter post an update about candidates arriving too early for an interview – so for the benefit of my network, I’ll provide some guidance on this.

Arriving too early to an interview is as detrimental as arriving late. Best time to arrive in reception is 5 minutes before your interview. If you arrive by car (or public transport) early to your interview, don’t rock up to reception with plenty of time to spare, go to a cafe, or go for a brisk stroll, or stay in your car singing (actually, only do this if you park a few blocks away… actually, don’t do this, you might lose your voice!)

I like to compare the recruitment process to dating…

An interview is like a first date, so it might be worth considering the following:-


• Dress to impress
• Keep your answers clear and succinct
• Keep your language as positive as possible. Negativity is frowned upon.
• Firm handshakes – not the floppy fish.
• Have questions about the team you may join handy

Do not

• Flirt (yes this works for both sexes, and it does happen!!!)
• Don’t speak ill of your current employer
• Smoke a cigarette before the interview… outside the door of the office. You will smell like cigarettes! Not good! Actually, make sure your breath doesn’t smell, you have sprayed some deodorant (or used some form of deodorant) and (maybe) a little dab of cologne or perfume.
• It’s not a stand up comedy routine, you can have a laugh, but keep it professional! (I’m guilty of this!)

However, back to my initial reason for this post, don’t come too soon, or your thoughts of making your permanent arrival at your potential employer may never happen!

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Google Glass – I’m excited!!!

I got a chance to have a play with Google Glass yesterday… and it was pretty funky!Image

In recent times I’ve been hesitant about the level of social engagement I’ve been putting out to the Matrix, what with all the NSA spying/Snowden leaks/Wikileaks etc etc etc, but using Google Glass got me to thinking about how much I really don’t care.

One could argue that having a set of semi-glasses with a camera attached to it is over the top (but 3 months ago, so was the idea of having a wrist watch the connects to your phone, right?!?!)

But what can you do with it? Well you can read other blogs for that…

What did I do with it? I recorded Will Staney dancing, took a few group photos, and fantasized about being Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2… “Come with me if you want to live!”

Is this gadget essential? No… Is it cool? Yes. Will every person who bought a smartwatch want to have this amongst their “really cool toys collection? HELL YES! Will I purchase one, pretty sure I will.

I wanted to end this post by being all philosophical and intellectual, however the best way I thought is simple…

Dammit! #1stworldproblems 

#SOSUAU – An experience so far – your social picture

I had someone call out to me at the #sosuau

“Hey Mark”
“Hey mate” I replied.
“You look just like your picture pn twitter and linkedin.” He said next.

This got me thinking, do you use professional photographer shots on your professional or social media profiles? Would someone be able to recognise you in the crowd?

If a part of social and business networking is about your ability to form long lasting relationships or impressions on your network,  why would we have images that are not accurate representations of ourselves on our profiles?

Food for thought?

Shoutout to Mark Reilly for spurring me to continue blogging.